Learning is a lifelong process for doctors. Likewise, testing, your knowledge on a regular basis is important. A medical professional’s life includes learning new ideas, remaining current on technology, reading medical news, and keeping track of recent advances in medicine.

Hidoc Dr. a platform for doctors of all specialties, focuses on coming up with creative solution to make this process simpler, more fun, and more interesting for medical professionals. Hidoc Dr. conducted the National Medical Aptitude Test for medical students, practicing doctors, and doctors from more than 16 different nations as a start in that direction.

The test attracted more than 5,964 registrants since it offered the chance to evaluate one’s abilities in cognitive, visual perception, logical reasoning or critical thinking. A total of 745 of them took the test to gauge their aptitude for the medical industries and evaluate their knowledge gained over the years.

Results of the test, which was run from May 1st through May 31st, 2023 are available now.


Dr Zeenat

Debayan Banerjee

Aishwarya Khot

Soumi Biswas

Subash K

Sai Ajay

Junaid Shaikh

Priyanka Khannal

Ibrahim Junejo

Pooja Dave

To claim your prizes, we request you to email us at before 15th June 23.


Valentin Kruger

Sebin Paul P

Pogula Siddartha

Kartik Goel

Vishruth A N

Deepu M

Adi G

Imtiyaz Ahmed

Alex Mwangi

Dajana Gvozden

Ayesha Afreen

Ibrahim Tanveer

Sangeeta Thakur

Rukhsaar Ali

Shirisha Gummadiraju

Sumit Saboo

Ayesha Bi

Nidheesh Goel

Hemanth Veluru

Herom Tanveer

Hetal Parmar

Vishal Prajapati

Surendran P

Manaswini Rajagopalan

Bailey Love

Siddhartha Ghosh

Heydar Baseri

Maddireddy Anjali

Balasaranya S

Lucifer Morningstar


Shalini Senthilnathan

Arjun Kumar

Animesh Das

Sowbarnika Sundaram

To claim your prizes, we request you to email us at hidocsupport@hidoc.coo before 15th June '23.